Welcome to the Rayvern Hydraulics website, take your time to look around and find out for yourself why Rayvern is the Europes No.1 choice for Automotive Hydraulics and Air.

Above is Ray's body dropped Chrysler 300C. Built as a showcase for our products and expertise, as well as providing them with transport to and from the many shows that they visit.

The 300C is body dropped over 22 inch chrome rims and scrapes the sills on full drop!

The airbags are powered by two compressors which gives around 6 to 8 inches of lift.

However, Things never stay still in the Rayvern Workshops for long so watch this space for new Rayvern Rides.

Whats in the shop?
Whats in the shop example
Rayvern Mad!

A section for some of our weirder stuff...

Our mad Wagon R!
The Rest

Plenty of other stuff on our site:

  • Media - many of our cars appear in mags, on TV and on other websites. Here are the ones we know about.
  • Setups - Take a look at some of the hydraulic setups we've done. Many are works of art!
  • Engineering - It's not all about the suspension, you always need something to mount it on. We're awesome at this too.
  • Rodshop - Checkout some of the hotrods we've worked on
  • Dubbs - There's just something about a slammed VW...
  • Links - some of our friends.
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Feel free to browse through the site and have a look at all we have to offer. You'll find details of some of our products and services, an in-depth look at juice and air hydraulics, our portfolio of cars as well as a selection of links and means to contact us.